The Waldgartenprojekt (food forest project) is an initiative in the non-profit association Sarsarale e.V..
We are engaged in the dissemination of the vision of food forest and the establishment of exemplary food forests.
Information about the association at www.SarSarAle.org

An exemplary food forest that we are currently building in Germany is the Waldgartenpilot in Rehfelde. Visit its website for more information!

The concept for the implementation of food forests as a form of agricultural management in Germany is currently being formulated in detail with the support of the Brandenburg MLUK (Ministry of Agriculture, Environmental Protection and Climate Protection). Info on this can be found at www.Waldgartenkonzept.de.

To make food forests and forest gardens better known, we are creating a food forest & forst garden directory with a database-supported food forest map.
Active projects and forest gardeners can register here.

The german-speaking Waldgartenkongress (Food Forest Congress) in March 2024 will offer a variety of lectures, workshops and presentations by renowned experts who will share their expertise and demonstrate innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture.
The Food Forest Congress is aimed at a broad target group of food forests and forest gardens, including professionals from agriculture, horticulture, environmental protection, educational institutions and NGOs.
Politicians, decision-makers, researchers, government officials and private individuals are also invited to expand their knowledge and participate in this event – visit www.Waldgartenkongress.de.

Contribute to the sustainable design of our environment. Register today for the 2024 Food Forest Congress at www.waldgartenkongress.de.

For information on all food forest and forest garden-related content areas, visit our pages of videos, science papers, and educational materials on www.waldgartenwiki.de