Grow your own in our Experimental Gardens

In the experimental gardens, we garden and research in very different ways for self-sufficiency. This is how we learn what works well here on site …and what doesn’t.

In 2023, we will again open our field to people who want to grow their own vegetables and join us in researching which plant communities thrive best here in Rehfelde.

For this gardening season (as of March 2023), plots will be available (ca. 33sqm of bed plus surrounding paths).
These are the plots: 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 32, 34, 51, H1 & H3.
The fee is 70 Euro per season & plot. If you want to cultivate one of the plots, you will become a member of our forest garden pilot for the season and you will be able to feed yourself and your loved ones with home-grown vegetables. Water is available in the tanks next to the field. We pump groundwater from a depth of 21m. Our lockable tool shed is at your disposal. There are common garden tools and watering cans.
We continue to work diligently on the infrastructure. Dip stations for watering cans directly on the field will be functional in the coming year. Our deer fence is securely in place. To protect our field, we regularly raise the 40m long Benjes hedgerow on the west side, and since the winter of 2022, we are planting windbreak hedges to the north.

Field plan 2023

Our forest garden is quite well connected to public transport! ->info

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Informationen zum Experimentiergärtnern

Wenn Du Lust hast, beim der Forschung zu Waldgärten mitzumachen, indem Du (oder ihr) mit gärtnert, trag hier deine Kontaktdaten ein. Wir melden uns so bald es geht.

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